Weekly Round Up 3

Here are a few interesting websites I came across last week:

http://gregbilsland.com/ – a site about day to day issues that matters to women… and also men!

http://mexicobythesea.com/ – if you want to have that beautiful beach body to visit Acapulco you better visit the site and follow their advice on fitness!

http://2daydietcapsuleslim.com/ – an easy and fast way to slim down…

Make sure to visit these… :)

Check out Dachshund or Boxer? I Can’t Decide…

Dachshund or Boxer? I Can’t Decide…

I’ve made a decision… I’m going to get a dog!

People say that dogs are man’s best friend. And they may be right about it…

“A dog is the only creature on earth that loves you more that he loves himself”

But I have a problem… I have two favorite breeds: Dachshund and Boxer Dog.

I can’t decide which is the best for me.

I’ve visit the Dachshund Fan Club and the Boxer Dog Fan Club to see what owners were saying about the breeds, but I still can’t made my mind.

Dog owner usually say that dogs are like potato chips, you can’t get only one!

So perhaps the solution is getting 2 dogs… What do you think?

boxer and dachshund dog

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Weekly Round Up 2

This week I want to highlight the following blogs:

Mostly Trivial… Helpful trivial things to improve your daily life!

Far From Hollywood… How to get your dream Hollywood body!

My Vision… A vision about the world!

More next week…

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Quotes of the Week

Here are my favorite quotes of the week:

“It’s not how GOOD you are, it’s how GOOD you want to be.”

“Your vision of where or who you want to be is the greatest asset you have.”

“Without having a goal it’s difficult to score.”

So, how good do you want to be?

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My first post…


I’m Unma Dein, but people call me China!

So, since you’re going to be friends you can also call me China!

This is my first blog and this is my first post…

I really don’t know what I am posting here…

I guess it’s what comes in my mind…

Good stuff, bad stuff, funny things, sad things…

You’ll have to wait and see!