30 years of unprecedented growth have transformed China's built environment and given China a reputation as a land of opportunity for architects today. While much attention - and some criticism - has been focused on major completed works, little is known of those projects that disappear, fizzle out, or sit abandoned.

That so little has been said about these "unmade" Chinese projects is remarkable given the fact that they are clearly so numerous. This absence of discussion is particularly odd given the rich tradition within Architecture of both celebrating and criticising unbuilt work. Are we intentionally turning away from these missing projects?

This exhibition is the celebration of those almost-spectacular, missing Chinese projects from the last decade. Projects that could have been transformative, and thereby represent a path not taken. A documentation of experiences and emotions that came with choosing such a path.

This exhibition addresses the state of architecture in China as a reflection and counterpoint to its own economic success. ide@s seeks contemporary projects and design approaches of novel character, that for one reason or another were not realized or not executed to their original intent.